Hi Mike,

I was about to let you know we were on route to pick up our belongings. Happened to search the address and saw the listing on Airbnb. In that listing I saw a number of images containing our personal belongings used to style the home. As you can expect I was very upset, Marcia was crying because she saw a baby blanket of Ava’s being used.
After seeing that, I also saw the Homeaway listing dated well prior to the Airbnb. I download the images and ran the exif data, those pictures were taken well before the end of May. I can’t believe you went through our personal items after promising to keep them safe and locked in the barn see your email below). You have access to both phone numbers and both of our emails and at no time did you advise us that you were going to use our personal belongings. Had I just shown up before the end of May, my stuff would have already been in the house. I know some of those items were boxed and you can’t imagine how that makes us feel. Not to mention this Facebook post suggesting that other people were going through my daughters toys, clothing and our personal/private stuff.
We aren’t sure how we are going to handle this so we are going to speak with a lawyer this week. In the meantime I want our smaller personal items removed from the house and put back in the storage that you agreed to keep for us. At this point I am not sure we want the furniture (our daughters bed and mattress), area rugs, bedding, kitchen utensils/dishes, books, pictures and any other items back after other people have used them.
Please email me back to confirm that you are going to remove our smaller personal items ie: status, globe, candles, decorative items, soft purple blanket and anything else we can’t see in the pictures you feel should be put back.
I feel really hurt by this Mike. Marcia and I believed that you were taking care of our belongings while we relocated to Toronto. Now we go to get our belongings to furnish our condo and find out its being used as staging material for your place and this after we left you a number of items in the house as a sign of goodwill ie: brand new fireplace, 40″ plasma tv, brand new dining room table, king size mattress with box spring, kitchen picture and the assortment of bikes and toys left for John and Heather.
My wife is absolutely freaking out worried that you have given/sold our daughters belongings.